Friday 14 November 2008

And there's more!

I have been making more knitted flowers!


  1. Not as tasty as the chicken. But prettier.

  2. hi, kc! nice flowers!
    sorry for being absent, i'm with a lot of work for the christmas swap
    how is everything doing there?
    big big kisses, enjoy your weekend

  3. Hiya
    Well, a good place to start is looking at stuff by Lisa Vollrath
    and if that's the kind of thing you were thinking of, you could join a forum like UKScrappers, which has a subforum just for altered artists and they are a nice bunch of people with a lot of information to share.
    I found a site yesterday with new free vintage images each day, I shall be keeping an eye on those, some very interesting ones I'd like to use on unusual cards. It was
    You could also browse through different blogs with an interest in altered art,like these

    I hope you find something to interest you, I could spend all day looking myself, but I don't do this kind of thing very well, so I stick to what I know (besides which, I need another hobby like I need piles, and I'm sure you're the same, hehe).
    If the links don't work, I'll find your email and send them.
    Talk soon


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