Sunday 2 November 2008

Christmas Annual

The forerunner of the Christmas Annual produce by the BBC
.......and I just had to have this one because
it was published the year I was born

In this annual you can read adventure stories

Make paper sculptures
and I have the remains of paper of a sculpture that had been started

Learn how to build bridges

Learn about lands far far away!

and many other interesting things is this fifth annual in this series -
we think we may another these somewhere in our house
amongst the other books.

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  1. Just the wonderful kind of book which entranced me as a child, and would have been pored over (always had my head in a book). Whilst I don't remember this particular annual, I remember Look and Learn magazine, oh how I loved it. I had a very Enid Blyton-ish childhood, growing up by the Exe estuary. Lovely.


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