Saturday 29 November 2008

Christmas Mincemeat enough to share.......

..........if you want to!

2lbs (1kg) Dried Mixed Fruit
1lb (500gms) of Mixed Dried Apples Slices ~ Prunes ~
Dates ~ Figs ~ Apricots ~ Cranberries
(or anything of your choice) Chopped Finely (use scissors)
3 Grated Cooking Apples (just wash, don't peel)
8ozs (250grms) Dark Brown Sugar
Grated Nutmeg ~ Mixed Spice ~ Cinamon
Half Bottle of Brandy!
Put everything in and large bowl mix,
cover with a clean cloth, leave for about a week,
stirring at least twice daily and resist trying,
put into sterile jars.


  1. Superb timing, Julie, I was about to search for a recipe this weekend, but I'll willingly try yours, it sounds yummy. We all love mince pies. I'll let you know how it goes.

  2. Well to be honest, I was never sure why there's suet in mincemeat at all (maybe just because historically they were savoury? don't know). Sometimes when eating a cold mincepie you can detect it and it's not the nicest thing to be aware of, so I'm happy for it not to be there. :)

  3. Okey dokey - first of all, I halved the measures because I haven't many jars free at the moment (threw so many out when we moved - regret it now of course). Second - I don't drink so could only find a bottle of cognac given 20+ yrs ago, not sure if that's right to use, but did anyway. Third - I love the flavour but will add more apple - I think you said 3 and I only used 1, and had no dried apple, so used dried pear I had, and no figs, but used more apricots . Otherwise I liked that it a) had no nuts b) had no cherries and c) was dark and delicious.
    So - 9 out of 10, not your fault, would have been ten if I'd had enough apples to make it a wee bit tarter.
    thank you Julie :)


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