Sunday 15 June 2008

Well..I told you you would never guess!

Relay Revels was a free magazine issued monthly to subscribers of Relay Radio. This was in fact the forerunner of today's cable television. It was sold on the basis of being trouble free and a being the most economic and the best way of listening-in! "Rollickers" were apparently the children of subscribers who had their own pages in the magazine (see above) I must admit I had no idea what a rollicker was but according to it is :-
to move or act in a carefree, frolicsome manner; behave in a free, hearty, gay, or jovial way.
Sounds like fun doesn't it, but not sure about the 'gay' bit!

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  1. What fun!! And what delightful ephemera - I think I must be a bit of a vintage specimen myself to remember things like that!


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