Friday 27 June 2008


Cranesbill Geranium
Today at 12 o'clock precisely should have been the first day of our second holiday of this year. Nothing exciting about it just two weeks off, we don't go away - lack of money! We did have lunch out as the first of our holiday treats! But this year my husband informs me he has to work on Saturday morning and Tuesday, (I hope he gets the time off in lieu I won't hold my breath though!) I dare not ask why because when he explains it to me it sounds complicated - I am intelligent but sometimes you just don't want to know! This afternoon was the usual weekend trip to Tescos did not buy much just "holiday goodies". And you think I would have remembered, and I have made many mental notes to myself not to plan things in advance because you can guarantee it never works out, but in my mind I had planned on going to Exeter this Saturday as we decided not to go last week because we thought the weather was against us but it wasn't. It looks like the weather is against us this week anyway!

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