Monday 30 June 2008

We didn't know we wanted one.......

........but we got one anyway! We bought some storage boxes from Proundstretchers today and was told that because we spent over £10 we were entitled to this small teddy - yippie! Then we went to the garden centre for an attachment for the hose lots to choose from or a complete hose because we wanted a storage spinner. We didn't buy it because we noticed an offer which doesn't start until a week today so we thought we would wait but knowing our luck the hoses may have gone up next week - watch this space.......

I think I may have discovered why I have been feeling the way I have, my husband had a hospital appointment his morning at 9 o'clock, the test proved OK and there is nothing wrong, the problem is probably caused by stress. That worry is now over. We then strolled round Taunton, then came home via Jane's house for yummie cream cakes and a cuppa!

We had to start out for Taunton by 7.30am this morning, a few speeding cars overtook us which we caught up with by the time we were half way there because of a tractor holding traffic up. We were on time with about twenty minutes to spare.

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