Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Baby Blanket

My friend Diana could not understand the American terminology to crochet this blanket for her forthcoming grandson in August. I said I would crochet it................

To me the terminology was simple (I have read American patterns before) but Diana just could not get her head round it. I was the same when it came to the yarn and hook. What is sport weight? and it is done with a 4mm hook which is what it said in the pattern. I assumed it was the equivilant to Double Knit and 4mm hook. As you see the crochet on the right was done with a 4mm hook but the blanket turned out rather stiff and very unsuitable to wrap a baby in whatever the age. So still using the Double Knit yarn I used a 5.50mm hook and the result was much softer to the touch and a baby I think would be quite happy wrapped in the blanket. And funnily enough the meaurements of the blanket actually came out as it said in the pattern, I didn't do a measurement swatch I just guessed! I know....... I'm naughty and should done one in the first place. http://crochetnmore.com/ But Diana and I are happy with the results!

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