Wednesday 20 November 2013

Three days later.........

I'm back - phew!  My clever, clever husband has installed windows 8.1.  OK it did take three days but we are here, although he couldn't get my blog, that was ME!  Mind you I didn't think I would ever see it again......  I did it but he did the rest and I can send and receive emails too, that took longer than it should have but we're there!

Our old computer, died in a spectacular fashion this morning too, poor thing, it was more or less a year ago it crashed before but we did a re-boot then, this time not so sure we think it has gone the to great computer place in the sky!  We were surprised it lasted as long as it did too.  Alex put my two main programmes in to this computer which went in very easily, but now I just hope they work, and I can do my work from the external drive we had on the old computer.

In three days I have altered two large velvet door curtains for our son and wife for their new house.  I just split one up the middle and shortened it for the door and the other was made into two curtains, one of which was easy but the other I to add piece each side to make wider.  I have also started three baby cardigans which needs sewing up, they are for our new grand-daughter due in January.

We do like the computer but it does use time, we don't miss it when we go and stay with my  dad.  We don't miss it when we are out, but when we are in the house it has to be on and working!

Next task is to re-learn how to take photos from the camera to the computer.  The last programme we had I could do that with my eyes shut!   Oh well at least I can blog!


  1. It is good to have a clever husband, welcome back to cyber land :) xx

  2. Glad you are all sorted now. We were only saying earlier that the computer is a great time user and maybe we should have a day or two a week when we don't turn it on but it's insidious isn't it once you have it you have to keep doing things on it!

  3. Welcome back ! If you use computers for work like i do it is a real pain if it crashes but like yourself i make sure i have backups on my external hard drive. All the same installing everything again is a real time consumer ........ I do feel for u! Lucky your hubby knows how to mine doesnt even jnow how to switch it on. Keep well. Amanda

  4. Glad to see you got most of your problems fixed. Good luck getting back up to speed :)

  5. Hurray ;-) good to hear its nearly all sorted, dee xx

  6. Glad to hear it's nearly sorted. Being without the Internet is very hard, how did we manage before? x


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