Thursday, 29 December 2011

Well its all over!

How was your Christmas?  All the blogs I have read recently you all enjoyed your Christmasses.  Ours was very, very quiet.  We knew it would be as we have already celebrated, so we just took it as an ordinary Bank Holiday.  We didn't even have our Christmas lunch on Christmas Day!  Not sure what happen there!  Think it had something to with the chunky bread and smoked salmon we had about lunch time, we  intended to have the cooked Christmas meal early evening, but the bread and smoked salmon was a bit filling!  We enjoyed it even more the next day.  We just chilled on Christmas Day!

I asked a my friend Thea to paint this picture for my husband

I decided to treat myself to a subscription for a magazine

It was lovely surprise our son Robert rang from Cambodia on Boxing Day, he was going to ring the day before but apparently the Vietnamese turn the international phone line off over night.........

I would like to share with you a line from his email which I read before the surprise phone call
*We watched the sun rise over the ruin temple, Anneka got bit by a monkey and we got engaged*
talk about dropping things into a conversation!

My Christmas Soup!

Heat about quarter pint chicken stock and finely sliced onion, carrots and Brussels Sprouts (they are only fairy cabbages really!)  until soft and herbs of your choice.  Add either tin of Tomatoes or packet of Passata then fill the tomato tin/passata packet up twice with water add to pan, add some frozen peas, I also added two large mushrooms, but you could add pasta instead, at the same time add any left-over cooked chicken.  Make sure all the vegetables are cooked and the chicken is thoroughly heated through and serve. 


  1. Sounds like a lovely peaceful Christmas and an engagement to celebrate too!
    Best wishes for 2012

  2. how exciting a christmas engagement, sounds like you had a lovely peaceful christmas, thank you for the christmas card too, tracy x

  3. You sound a bit like us, we don't seem to be able to tuck it away like we used to. One decent meal a day and we seen to have had enough.
    I may seem to be a misery but I am always glad when it is over and normality comes back.
    The way time goes it will be back in no time and we will start all over again.
    I wish you a happy and productive new year with lots of crafts to show on the blog.

  4. Sounds like the Christmas day I would love! Did they get engaged because of the monkey bite? lol, lovely news!

  5. All sounds OK to me. Sometimes a quiet one is just what you need.
    Kids !!! What a bombshell... a very pleasant one.

  6. Lovely and quiet - wonderful! Your soup looks absolutely delish. Have a Happy New Year! ... :0)

  7. Ha! Fairy cabbages, I love that!!!! I'm going to make your Christmas soup, it looks and sounds delish!! Wishing you a Very Happy and Creative New Year x

  8. sometimes the quiet ones are more peaceful and fun- but im sure you must have missed your family- so glad your son emailed and phoned- how funny how he wrote it- lovely!!!!
    the watercolour coastal scene is wonderful x all the bestest in 2012 x

  9. Sending you New Year Wishes for Health, Happiness, Success and creativity for 2012 xx

  10. I'm not the only one who does Christmas soup then! Looks delicious to me. I'm starving - we're all off to have a farewell meal out with our visitors. All the best for 2012.
    Love from Mum

  11. Love the thought of fairy cabbages,that will stay with me now,My other one is My friend calls broccoli, little trees to make her girls eat them,it worked! I'll have to tell her of the fairy cabbages,;O) Wonderful,xxxxxxxxxxx


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