Sunday 11 December 2011

Well I thought they were a bargain......

We needed to go shopping - the cupboards and freezer were running on empty!  I haven't actually been shopping since the end of November when we needed a few bits for our family party, that wasn't a proper shop.  There wasn't any  cheappie flowers that day so I had to pay full price -  £3!  But yesterday in Morrisons I bought these four bunches for the grand total of £4.  I still have all the ones I bought last month too.  I do like a few fresh flowers, don't you.....?

Two mixed bunches ~ Lillies ~ White bunch


  1. Lovely flowers and what a bargain!

    I was lucky enough to have some flowers bought home for me yesterday as I have been a bit under the weather so they were a real pick-me-up!


  2. I love your choice of fresh flowers.
    They bring energy to the home
    Helen xx

  3. I dont think you can beat Morrisons for fresh flowers, and I have also had lots of lovely (and inexpensive) plants for my garden. I love clematis and they sell them for about £1.50 ish so I buy them, pot them on and then plant out when they are much larger.Fab value for money

  4. Good on you, what a bargain!

  5. I always look out for the flower bargains too. Like you I love fresh flowers.

  6. I agree fresh flowers are a joy ;-)) dee xx


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