Monday 19 December 2011

Christmas does come early, its true!

More of my advent pressies from Gill

Day 8 ~ Sweet Little Owl Keyreing

Day 9 ~ Christmas Essence

Day 10 ~ Candle

Day 11 ~ Pretty Labels

Day 12 Two Lollipops
Sorry I eat one before taking a photograph!

Day 13 ~ Sweetties
Day 14 ~ Small Slice of Handmade Soap
Day 15 ~ Felt Christmas Tree Decoration

Day 16 ~ Pretty Blue Eyeshaddow

Day 17 ~ Pretty Ribbon

Day 18 ~ Beads

Day 19 ~ Another Yummy Chocolate Teddy!!

Pretty Stocking I won from Ellie

Pretty Button Wreath I won from Kathryn

A HUGE thank you to Ellie and Kathryn


  1. some really gorgeous swaps there!
    It must be really exciting opening them to discover your latest treasure X

  2. Lovely advent swap gifts...x

  3. I think someone's been spoilt rotten there ;-)

  4. What a lot of lovely pressies!!! x

  5. Hi Julie, Glad the socking's gone to a good home!
    Happy Christmas

  6. Hi Julie
    What a great selection of gifts, wouldn't mind those

    Looking back at your last post about being shy I know how you feel. I am not good at mixing, probably to do with my upbringing, my Parents weren't mixers or party people and these things are ingrained.
    I feel as you do that I don't like actually showing things I have made to people but on the blog somehow it is different isn't it?
    Since I found blogging it has actually made me more creative as I can get comments and they spur me on to do another project yet I don't actually have to meet the people face to face.
    Some people wouldn't understand this.
    Anyway, have a lovely relaxing Christmas and let's look forward to lots more creativity in the new year.

  7. Lovely swaps, it must be such fun opening all those little gifts! I loved your stitching on the previous post, too. Hope all goes well with the work changes.
    Halen x

  8. Wow what lovely gifts ;-) Enjoy them, Have a wonderful xmas and new year. dee xxx

  9. lovely advent goodies- such sweet gifts- THANK YOU for your card xxxxx
    cheered me up x merry christmas xxxx


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