Monday, 12 December 2011

I'm very shy really!

I don't know why but I do find it very awkward about showing off the things I have made, although I do show things on my blog I am very shy person really, blogging has helped me to get over some of the shyness though.
The craft shop I work in changed hands today.  But for the last seven and half years Janet has always wanted to do a black and white window.  This is her last window!

The two main pictures the Crinoline Lady and the Romany Caravan were designed and stitched by me!
A new era for me tomorrow..........


  1. The little lady is beautiful! I love those old fashioned ladies....I have one made out of was Olly's Grandma's.....I treasure it.

    So sorry you're ill really is annoying, as it stops you from getting on with necessary stuff!
    Hope you get better soon!

    Lots of success with your selling....your items are fabulous!xxx

  2. Your stitching is beautiful Julie and I love the blackwork patterns in the dress. Good luck with the 'new era'! x

  3. They are lovely - you should show us your work more often!

  4. I know what you mean about shyness. Showing your work off to others is like sharing secrets with strangers; you never know what they will do with them. Other folk don't know you are shy, so it is possible to just blag it. You have some nice work.

  5. Your lady is beautiful you should show more of it that way it helps your confidence believe me ;-)) Good luck in the stall, and if i don't have time to pop over here again have a lovely xmas, dee xxx

  6. They are lovely. Be proud of your talents and let us see more! M x

  7. The things you made are really nice, please dont be shy.
    I like your son's message, kind of random, but nice. What does he do there? He must be a strong character, travelling about like that, it must be so exciting there, apart from the biting!
    i like that you didn't do the Christmas things how you are expected to, but did your own thing. I had a Christmas dinner on the 23rd as Czech people celebrate Christmas on the 23rd.
    Happy new year. xxx

  8. Be proud of your work it is fantastic! I know what you mean,I'm naturally shy,but blogging is helping me too.What a lovely community.hope all goes well with the new era.lots of love,juliexxxxx


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