Wednesday, 30 June 2010

De-cluttering 2...........

Days 5 - 6- 7- 8 and 9 of Felicity's Challenge!
Yes! it has taken that long for the conservatory-cum-lean-to to be sorted.

This is the last of the stuff to be sorted that was taken into the garden!

Most of it has gone back into the conservatory-cum-lean-to but it has gone back a a lot tidier, and it all needs sorting again but there is room to move and room to dry washing when I buy a new dryer to hang washing on, I do have a tumble dryer but you can't put everything in that!

The back seat of the car was put down and the rubbish is ready to be taken to the recycling centre. I have to say most of it is mine!

Had to take the gazebo down because we are supposed to have heavy rain over the next few days, I wouldn't mind but I haven't actually sat in it yet! Mind you we couldn't have stood the gazebo in the conservatory-cum-lean-to last week there wouldn't have been any room!
I wouldn't have said it was a pleasure doing was a pleasure to have taken a car load of rubbish to the recycling centre and we are determined to take more soon! Oh! and the stuff in the photographs in the last post is still THERE!!!!


  1. Congratulations but do be careful I have always found that in the dead of night "stuff" breeds to fill all the available space and then you are back where you started!


  2. Clearing out is a big job, but it is satisfying once it is done! I've been doing it too - room by room.

    The garage is the biggie but haven't quite summoned up the enthusiasm for that yet!


  3. Well, Hello there! Having just moved house and area I know what you are talking about when you say THAT word "DECLUTTER!" and like you, I am surprised just how much of it really was mine. I had always put it all down to being "someone else's clutter" How feminine!
    You are brave to show it! Thanks for being so honest.
    Val xx

  4. he he Julie, bless you! neraly all done, will you come and help me do mine?! fliss xx

  5. Nearly there :) it's such a big job....have you not got a loft? This is the 1st time I've had one & I'm pleased to say it's nearly full...haha!! Don't think I'll ever leave here :)


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