Saturday, 5 June 2010

I got there in the end.........

.........or in and out of the charity shops!
Today I got to go to Totnes!
We had a really wonderful morning.
As you see mostly bought lots of pretty dresses for Caitlin

Bought some delicious
Earl Grey Tea

also stayed for Toasted Tea Cake
and coffee (alex) and tea (me)
at Greys
went into and met the lovely owner
and took my black shoes for repair at
If you go here you will find a few more pictures of Totnes


  1. awwww lovely- sounds like a grand day out ;0) love all the baby outfits how very sweet ;0)xx
    funny thing is i said to my mum 'do u fancy Totnes this weekend?'...but we found an arty festival on in Calstock instead ;0)xx

  2. I didn't know you were near Totnes, I don't go enough...must try harder this summer :)

  3. Oh fave town and one which I have to admit I do visit frequently !!!
    Glad you met Lesley and had a cuppa in Greys!

    How I love Totnes!!

    ;-) x

  4. I miss being able to buy pretty dresses for baby fig! Totnes sounds lovely.


  5. Sounds like a great day out!

  6. Wonderful way to spend your day, sweet little dresses you found. Lovely china they use at Greys, makes the whole experience rather special, I think.

  7. I adore Totnes, it is one of those places I would love to live, it is just a little bit different. I also love that shoe shop.. conkers, and last time We were there, I was stood outside drooling at the shoes in the window! Love the dresses! Suzie xxxx

  8. I love Totnes too ... have you tried the Barrel House - their carrot & coriander soup is yummy!!

  9. All places after my heart.. I love Totnes and it is always a treat to visit on one of our jaunts to Devon.
    Lesley's shop is fab..
    Are you going to her fair in October?
    If so.. hope to meet you there.

    Michele x

  10. Do glad that you finally made it to Totnes after your last disappointment!
    It is a wonderful place to shop, eat and wander around.

    Such pretty littles dresses. I wish Miss P was still in to pretty little dresses, her taste is changing...

    This'n'that is a lovely shop, unfortunately when I went there last summer, Lesley wasn't there so I am yet to meet her.

    I look forward to visiting Totnes again!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  11. Hello Julie! It was so lovely to see you and Alex in the shopping window! ;)
    Glad you finally managed to visit Totnes!


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