Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and ................

Yesterday was Alex and my Thirtieth Wedding anniversary.

Today to celebrate we went for lunch in a local pub.

The lunch cost the grand total of 50 pence!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a raffle prize of a

'Meal for Two - total £25'

We chose to have the meal today because..............

............tomorrow it will be Alex 63rd birthday!


AND..........................back in January I joined Fi at Marmalade Rose with the '20 Minuters' I have crafted nearly every afternoon when I come in from work, not so much at weekends though, thats when we shop and I do the weeks ironing.........I plan on continuing to do so because I need crafts for a craft table in November, I do crochet and knit in the evening otherwise I end up going to sleep with boredom! Fi really inspired me and I hope to have many things for the two day fair. I also joined Simone at Linden Grove with her Friday Cake Bake. I make mine on a Sunday though when I have more time. I haven't made cakes for a few weeks now because I just cannot get motivated, but I will again! Monday I decided to join in with Felicity of Joshy & Belle with her 365 project. I thought this will just keep me motivated that little bit more too as there are a lot of other things I want and need to do. I really enjoy blogging, because I have met lots of lovely friends who inspire me and motivate me.

Day 1 - made a dolls dress.


Just a reminder about Saturday's post otherwise it could end up in the great bedroom in the sky!


  1. Happy Anniversary! My wedding anniversary was last friday - 22 years!!! Don't worry about baking. I haven't baked for ages. It is something I do more in the autumn and winter months. Well done on keeping up the crafting though! x

  2. Happy anniversary Julie! And happy Birthday to Alex for tomorrow! xxxx

  3. Hi Julie
    Happy Anniversary! and congratulations on winning the meal token! Your baby dress is really sweet, Ive been thinking about sewing more, Ive decided when the time comes to cut up my wedding dress to make a christening gown for the new baby, Im thinking that Im going to have a girl I dont know why, Id like a girl, Joshy and the new baby will have to share for a few years until we can move, houses are so expensive here! But we'll have to wait and see! fliss xxx

  4. Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoyed your meal.
    I also knit & crochet in the evenings....I find idle paws mean droopy eyes!!! :) x

  5. Happy Anniversary! And happy Birthday! What a busy bee you have been... looking forward to seeing more results from your 20mins crafting.

  6. Happy anniversary! WHo said there was no such thing as a free lunch! (well nearly free hey?!) And a happy birthday to Alex tomorrow. Suzie xxx

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    I have no baking mojo at the moment either..
    I knit and crochet in the evening too - but instead of keeping me awake, it keeps me out of the fridge!!



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