Wednesday 13 January 2010

Another Snowy Day !

We had another downfall of snow last night
but by lunchtime it had melted.

At this moment in time I am suffering from what
feels like a pulled muscle in my back,
I have had it since about Monday! I am in agony, but it only
hurts when I return home from work!
This morning I was putting stock
away and I just didn't notice it, but as soon as
I settled down to finish this blanket for Caitlin it was agony!
The blanket is made in King Cole - Splash and Baby Splash.
Also this afternoon I made one of these
and one of these with the left-over crusts.


  1. Hi Julie! I'm sorry for your back, hope you get better soon...keep you warm! xxx

  2. awwww bless u sweet hearted soul hope u feel better soon ;0)xx i love the blanket its beautiful xx

  3. There's a shop in town that sells King Cole wool. I know that as when I enquired as to whether she sold Rowan wool, she gave me a funny look and tried to persuade me to buy King Cole .
    I did not buy any but it looks lovely in your blanket!
    I hope you feel better soon!

  4. The crochet blanket has such pretty delicate colours. I hope your back is better soon. You probably tensed it up whilst walking in the snow! The bread pudding and bread and butter pudding look yummy. I think I may have to make some soon!

  5. Love your blanket. Lovely colors.
    i, too, am attempting to stick to 23/day. While not every minutes of those twenty are sewing or knitting or crocheting, I am spending time organizing my Stash Room.
    I've joined your Followers.


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