Thursday, 14 January 2010

Starting another.......

.......I must NOT start too many new projects until I finished the first
otherwise lots and lots of UFP's (Unfinished Finished Projects)!
I will though be keeping my hand pieced quilt going!
Not only has this resolution of Fi's has got me started
on my paper piece quilt project, and with the help of all you
lovely folk will help me finish it. It has been something I have
been wanting to do for years but never got round to it!
I finished Caitlin's car blanket last night! It did seem to take
forever, I actually started 22nd December, but I didn't work on
it everyday until I saw Fi's post!

The new projects that are being started over the next few days
are for my PIFs and a special gift which is what this is,
so I will just show bits of the projects until I know the
recipients have received them.


  1. I love to see embroidery in a hoop. It makes me think of an old nursery rhyme that mentions something about sitting on a cushion sewing a fine seam and dining on strawberries sugar and cream. (and back in the real world...)

  2. I hate having too many things to finish off!
    I think I have an appliqued bag somewhere in my craft room,started a year ago,which needs finishing but I just can't work up the enthusiasm!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Looks very nice so far! I have lots of unfinished projects on the go! I have tagged you on my blog! suzie. xxx

  4. I used to have so many unfinished projects... my mum actually finished one for me when my daughter was born ... I started it when I was about 10... only took 16 years to complete! The car blanket looks really snuggly.
    Hope your aches and pains feel better soon.

  5. lovely work - I read in your other post about your back, I hoep it gets better - nothign worse than a crafter having a bad back.

    Tc of yourself

  6. I always have lots of things on the go - I think blogging is a good incentive - you have to finish things so you can show the pics!

    Pomona x


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