Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I don't normally make resolutions, but this year I thought I might just to see if I keep can them!
Walk home from work, well I did yesterday, it nearly killed me but I managed it! I get a lift home every other day from my husband and quite honestly today I was glad of it, it was cold snowy and wet! I even stopped at a local shop and bought a pair of gloves which I don't normally wear but if I'm going to keep this walking up I will need them! Tidy my craft room which I have! Now I have to keep it tidy..........that's the resolution bit! Get rid of things I don't really want or need more, make lots of crafty bits to sell or give away hopefully the former!
I have started to get rid of pieces of my Costume Jewellery collection, which I have collected for the last 40years. I now have PayPal so payment will be a bit easier I hope

I also created these Book Marks which are personalised
I made Jane's one as a little extra present for her
to go with a book I bought for her birthday
Since they have been popular for extra presents


  1. Beautiful costume jewellery! Why don't you join in that swap advertised on my blog if you have something you don't use anymore?! It will be fun!

  2. Looks like you are making a very promising start! Happy New Year!

    Pomona x

  3. Happy New Year - it sounds like you've made a good start to your resolutions'

  4. Snap! I don't usually do the resolution thing either but I have this year. Good luck with yours.

    Oh! The dog is called Millie and is as soft as she looks.

  5. Hope you can stick to your resolutions! Your jewellery is very pretty.



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