Sunday, 10 January 2010

It's Cold!

I took some stale crusts up the garden for the birds and this poor little Blackbird (well I think its the same one) has been coming to and fro to the garden all morning. Early this morning it just stood there and watched me throw the bread onto the ground as if to say I can't be bothered to fly away and besides there is food coming! I put out a stale packet of dried fruit and some cooked pasta the other day it was still there, I thought these birds need food obviously not pasta and dried fruit! Even the Seagulls turned their beaks up at it, but this little Blackbird has decided that as this is all there is on this banquet he thought he would dine alone!

I would like to thank Fi for giving me a "Boot up the Botty" . This New Years challenge of hers has made me get on with things I have been promising myself to do for years!
I have always wanted to make a hand pieced quilt. So Friday I cut the paper shapes (loads of them, think I may need some more). Have to say the twenty minutes of sewing never actually happened on Friday! But yesterday I covered seven in material before I went to work! I got up extra early too because I was in Tescos by 7.30!

Today I sewed them together, (the colour is actually BLUE as above) I don't know what happened with the camera. Anyway I plan on making one of these flowers per week till then end of the year - fifty two in all and my blogging friends I will promise to show you the result..........I hope! ENCOURAGEMENT pleeeeeeeeease...........................


  1. I'm really tempted to trying the hexagonal quilting but it looks a bit advanced for me!

    Sam x

  2. Well done for getting started. There's no stopping you now!!! x

  3. Wheyhey! Good work, I love patchwork. I haven't done much myself but I love to see it.

    I have a hand pieced hex patchwork on the go somewhere and I found it quicker and easier to make a page of the correct size hexagons on the computer and then just print it off onto some heavier weight paper instead of drawing around a template all the time. Hope this is helpful.
    Fi x

  4. I am sure that it will look really pretty - I love those old-fashioned hexagon quilts.

    Pomona x

  5. Well done you! This 20 minute challenge is a great idea isn't it?


  6. Well done with your 20 minutes. Forgive me if I don't check in with you every day as I now have 19 bloggers joining in. If I check everyone every day I won't be able to find time for my 20 minutes. Lol.

    Keep posting your work though.

    Love Fi x

  7. I've just added my name to the 20 minutes list too so will try to drop in on you from time to time.
    A x

  8. Hope you will show us what you have done with those lovely little hexagons when its finished! Enjoy your 20 minutes.

  9. lots of encouragement coming your way, can't wait to share your journey with you.

    oh I found you throuh the 20minutes list.

    Joanne x


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