Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Long Service..............

Something you don't hear of or see these days!

presented to A. R. Sullivan by Harris Lebus for long and loyal service  1923-1962

This watch was presented to my grandfather by HRH Princess Margaret for long service.

In the early 1900's, 1910's there were four brothers and a sister.  Charles, Albert, George, Harold, and Emily.  Albert was my grandfather.  All the boys when they were 15yrs old were all sent to learn a trade.  Think Auntie Emmy learnt to be a dressmaker.  
Grandad joined Harris Lebus to become a veneerer.  He joined in 1923 and stayed till the factory closed in 1969 when he had no choice but to retire.  

There is a house in Chingford EC4 London (I won't give the name of the road) which my grandparents moved from in about 1968.  While they were living there he veneered every door both sides and the door frames and staircase.   It would be a shame if new owners had painted over but that's what people do!  

I can spot a piece of Lebus furniture at 100 paces and when I saw a picture of a wardrobe on Hen's blog I knew exactly  who made it!  In the early sixties I had one in my bedroom which was very similar, except my clothes rail went across and the shelves faced outwards.  

I actually still own some Lebus furniture.  The large wardrobes and sideboards in both granddad and nanny's house and mum and dad's  houses have long gone.  Except when mum and dad downsized mum asked me if I wanted any furniture and I asked for the chairs, because she once said you always need a chair.  A chair to sit on or to offer a person a seat.

I have four of these chairs

and two carver chairs

The seats have been recovered a few times over the years and I must get around to doing it again.  The wood has never been painted or re-varnished hence them looking scruffy but they are over fifty years old!  I don't want to paint them any way!  The original seating cloth I think is still there so as and when I get around to refurbishing them I will try and remember take a photograph.  These seats especially the carvers are actually very comfortable to sit in for long periods on time.

Nanny and Grandad taken Christmas 1985

Nanny died a week after I had my youngest son in 1986, grandad two years later.

During the war grandad was in the Homeguard, also my father-in-law did a very dangerous job he cut the veneer woods for the Mosquito Airplanes!


  1. Interesting post! My mum had a long service gold watch from M&S but had it melted down and made into a bangle a few years ago. I had a set of saucepans for my 25 years long service!
    M x

  2. I can see that you are very proud of your Grandad Julie. He sounded a very talented craftsman.

  3. Such a lovely post, I love old dining chairs, yours are splendid.

  4. Lovely story Julie.
    Carol xx

  5. What a lovely story, the chairs are a gorgeous, simple but very elegant design.

  6. Thank you for that fascinating and lovely post! xx

  7. What a lovely story, Julie. Glad we're not the only ones who like this quality "old fashioned" furniture!
    Hen x

  8. This is such a lovely and fascinating story, Julie. Lovely that you still have some of the furniture too.
    (Btw, thanks for your commnet today about the string of birds...yes, now I remember mine had a bell too!!)
    Helen x

  9. Hi Julie...Such a lovely post and I'm sure that your chairs will always be treasured..
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x

  10. aahhh what a lovely post its so nice to hear about past memories. Those chairs are lovely and proper little treasures due to the memories attached to them. dee xxx


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