Saturday, 2 March 2013


Could anybody help.....................
I have searched online for this brand of double knitting yarn in the colour 


but since purchasing a couple of balls of this colour sometime ago for another project which never materialised, I have since found them and started making a jumper, but alas I do not have enough yarn to finish as the colour has now been discontinued.

Please dear kind bloggers could you help?   I need about 50grms to finish otherwise I am going to have to undo two backs of my jumper which is knitted in cable stitch.

Please email me ~ thank you


  1. Sorry Julie, I don't have that shade in my stash, but will keep a look out for you have a ravelry account, someone there may have some left in their stash........good luck. x

  2. Sorry Julie, I can't help I'm afraid, and I can't see anyone with any to trade or sell on Ravelry, although it might be worth messaging anyone there listing the correct colour in their stash if you haven't already, although of course the dyelot won't be identical. Could you instead do the cast off edges in a different colour perhaps?

  3. Sorry Julie, i dont any of that, but will ask in my local shop when i next visit for you.

  4. Hope you manage to find some.
    Carol xx


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