Friday 29 March 2013

Newish magazine

well new to me..............

I discovered this magazine this other day.  I did say at new year no more magazines excuses this magazine is really interesting.  I have not seen it before but wish I had this issue No.7 
I found it much more interesting than Country Living or  Homes and Garden etc.  Not sure I will purchase it regularly  but I will certainly peak in it whenever I am in the newsagents (WHSmiths in my case and I had 20% off voucher for anything in the store - it included magazines)

There was an article about Daffodils

Yummy recipes these and Lamb recipes

and an interesting article on Lace

The next magazine is out on 3rd April, I will look and see and decide if I would like to purchase that one...........
Oh and it has very few adverts too!
The magazine is  £3.90 and we have another 20% off anything store voucher.......


  1. Oh, another lovely magazine Julie...I think I may have to have a peek at this one does look lovely!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family,
    Susan x
    P.S Will send the patterns this evening!

  2. I've not seen a copy but it does look very interesting and few ads make it tempting! I'm like you, cutting out mag buying ( but we do have a sub to CL). More often than not they are disappointing and so expensive!
    Have a lively Easter.
    Carol xx

    1. That was supposed to say 'lovely' but if you prefer a 'lively' one .......!
      Carol xx

  3. Looks good.... I'm trying really hard not to buy magazines this year :) x

  4. I love this magazine but havent bought many this year.I'm trying not to. I do get Country living and Who do you think you are magazines on subscription so still get a fix!!

  5. I've had this a couple of times, some issues are better than others. Enjoy!


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