Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Wet Wednesday! 500th POST! and a Giveaway!

Well I didn't think I would ever get to 500 posts!

It had its moments when I nearly gave up!

Today is a typical wet Wednesday! So what do you do?

You meet good friends and go for a cream tea!

We live five minutes from Selworthy and Periwinkle Tea Rooms.

As this is my 500th post I thought I would have a giveaway.

I'll keep it open until Caitlin's first birthday on 10th August,

so you have nearly three weeks to think of your favourite

sandwiches and cake you would like to have with your afternoon tea.


  1. Congratulations!! em, I think a good old salad sandwich and a slice or two of coffee cake for me I think.

  2. Well done on reaching 500 posts!I think it would have to be the classic salmon and cucumber with victoria sponge to round it off!

  3. Congrats on reaching 500 posts!

    My favourite sandwich would be salmon & cream cheese followed by a slice of chocolate cake.


  4. Congratulations on your 500th! For me it would be egg and cress followed by coffee and walnut cake!

    Jane x

  5. Oooh Congratulations! I am sorry if I have missed any of your posts, but We had to have our lovely Archie put to sleep last week, and I have been feeling awful in every way. For a sandwich, I would like a goats cheese and mixed lettuce with olives (strange maybe!) and the cake would be a walnut coffe cake, made to the recipe (which is lost!) of my Grandmother, who made THE most wonderful strong and fat coffee cake you have ever tasted! Love to you Suie xxxxxxx

  6. well done! I don't think I will ever catch up with that!

    ermmmm - can I have a chip butty and a can of tizer?

    ok, egg buts and millionnaires short bread.


  7. Ooh, can't resist, Julie, 500 is special! Egg mayonnaise sarnies and a dark rich fruit cake with just marzipan on (I'll only pick the icing off).
    (thanks for email, will replyxxxxx)

  8. OOhhh yum, lucky you. Well for me of course it has to be sausage rolls and chocolate cake! Or Coronation chicken followed by scones with strawberry jam and cream.... or victoria sponge .... or must STOP myself NOW!!

  9. 500 posts- wow!

    Cream teas are my very favourite meal EVER; I even did a cream tea reception when we got married!!

    Greedy pig that I am, I would just have say that for me...ALL the sandwiches, and ALL the cakes would be PERFECT!

    Here's to the next 500 posts

  10. I wish I lived right near to tea rooms!!
    The planners turned down an application for tea rooms in my village BUT allowed a damn great wind turbine,which has been driving us mad!
    Yesterday we looked out and it is on its side...the best place for it to be as far as I am concerned!!
    Congratulations BTW!
    Salmon and cucumber for me! Carrot cake to follow!

  11. Isn't it great when you reach a milestone like this and you realise how much you have achieved xx

    I would love a cucumber sandwich on soft white bread, but unfortunately due to my dietary difficulties that is a thing of the past (wheat-free bread just isn't soft and nice enough for cucumber sandwiches)... so I would settle for cream cheese :) As for the cake - a lovely mosit carrot cake made with sultanas to add to the juiciness of the whole thing :)

  12. hello sorry i thought id replied to your email- my heads been away with the fairies of late ;0)
    congrats on reaching 500 postings!
    blog land is a lovely place to be meeting lovely peps like yourself.
    well, firstly thank you for the lovely link and about the transfer printing!- but on a possitive im going to use my sis's printer and as she has tried transfer printing on it and been successful ;0) i live in hope!!...

    oooo my fave sammies have to be tuna and cucumber- i love tuna i have it with everything- fish cakeys, spuds, salads and jackets! ;0)
    And i love coffee and walnut cake or carrot cakeys! ummmmmm now im very very very very very very hungry!!! ;0)

  13. 500 posts! Well done. Favourite sandwich - umm, corned beef, cream cheese and pickle, very yummy, followed by coffee cake and a nice cup of Earl Grey tea. A perfect combination. Speak soon. Jackie x

  14. Congrats on 500 posts! I don't know what I would like as I don't do afternoon tea but I'm always hungry during tea time and I usually have fruit. I'm very curious to try a cream tea. I want to come to the UK next year and I will do that!! Thanks

  15. We are un-used to afternoon tea here in mid-Missouri.
    So, if it's not too much trouble I'd love a cuppa Earl Grey and a scone
    or ? two?


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