Sunday, 13 June 2010

All Kinds of Everyything!

Charity shop finds yesterday
Ice Cream anyone?

I thought these were quite pretty
The charity shop finds includes the
red cloth they are displayed on
it is a very large tablecloth!

Another embroidery for me to do!

First time since the bird feeder was put in the garden
that we have seen Blue Tits, it does make a change from
Wood Pigeons, Magpies, Blackbirds........and Squirrels!

We had homemade Salmon Fish Cakes for lunch
not sure that they should look like that!
They tasted lovely I have to say
And made these for afternoon tea to go with
out special Earl Grey Tea
Check out the new items here.
I do have a PayPal account if you wish to purchase anything
just email me for a form
I am going to try and put a few more itemson this blog over the next few weeks
so please keep checking the blog


  1. What lovely finds, esp the pink and green doily. And I would love a scone right now, particularly as you've got the cream underneath, just how it should be. Yum.

  2. yummy scones!
    Have a good week!

  3. Your charity shop finds are lovely, you did well.
    Those scones look soooo delicious. You just can't beat a West Country afternoon tea can you!
    You have some lovely things in your blog shop.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  4. you did well indeeeeedy in the charity shop- loved colourful ice cream cups and the pretty doilies.
    My nannys table cloth that was left to me is exactly the smae as the red one you have found - i use it especially for christmas.
    loved the look of ya fish cakeys! mine always look like that the crispy bits best!
    ooooooo and dribbling over your scones hehe ;0) yum yum xx

  5. Hi- thanks for dropping by!
    Love your page too, and fab photos.
    Don't forget to enter my Very Vintage Giveaway, ends tomorrow (next post down from the one you commented on) just your sort of bits n bobs!
    ps love those scones :))))

  6. You have made me have the urge to make some fish cakes now! I feel hungry! Lovely finds too! Suzie xxx

  7. oooh, I love the ice cream dishes! you need lots of fan shaped wafers and hundreds n thousands on top!


  8. Love the ice-cream dishes, the colours are great!
    I'll be over when you make the next batch of scones then?!!!

  9. awww yes those ribbons you did send me- many thanks- i love the union jack colours of them! ;0)xx

  10. Just popped back to thank you for your kind get well wishes! Suzie xxx

  11. Fab finds Julie :-)

    Your birdy pics are great too! Our garden is overrun by big fat pigeons, some doves and blackbirsd too. Occaisionally we get some rgeat tits and a robin, but as a rule these get chased away by the big bully birds!

    Your scones look amazing (I could eat one of those right now!).

    Have a great weekend :-)

    Rose X


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