Friday, 14 May 2010

That's not a bird............


  1. how lovely to have a squirrel in your garden ;0)
    we have lots of greys in the local park but never one in my back yard xx lovely sight xx

  2. I'm afraid to say even though they are fun to watch they are really little more than a rat with a furry tail. I have them in my garden and they really are a nuisance.
    A x

  3. hi!
    can't wait to show olivia the pictures, and read her the story
    she is a big fan of animals, will love it
    nice weekend

  4. Naughty little squirrel! I wonder if it makes as much mess in the garden as the foxes do in mine!!!x

  5. What a naughty squirrel.... no wonder your bird feeder was sprawled across the lawn! xx

  6. Naughty squirrel, but oh so cute :) Just checked out your blog....I don't think I've visited before, not sure why! I love the bunting, I made some last year.....never again, it took so long!
    I brought the ladies what lunch card for my sister's birthday last odd! :)

  7. hehe... I love squirrels. When I was at uni I used to walk round the lake home and the squirrels used to run up to you to see what goodies you might have in your pocket. Thankfully I used to have a pocket full of nuts for just that occasion!


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