Friday, 25 September 2009


.....................I helped my friend Janice on her stand at the Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts at Westpoint Exeter. We arrived about 9.20, just enough time to sort ourselves.

9.30 am the doors opened.
Bill and Janice have created some very different cross-stitch designs
I helped them stitch some of the above pieces,
I stitched the Egyptian Maze, Pink Elephants
and some of the Celtic designs
Beatitudes (top left bottom picture),
Benedicat, Pax Vobiscum and In Principio,
I also stitched some of the cottages show top left of the top picture,
they are local to Minehead and the surrounding areas

On the stand next to Janice was a really lovely lady called
her work is so different and absolutely beautiful.
I have to admit I did spend quite a bit of money on her stall,
and probably will buy more pieces.
about 12.30

There were a few static displays, one buy this lady.
She did amazing pieces of work all by hand as the displays said many times.
Television has a lot to answer for!
I got great inspiration from the pieces and now
my poor little brain has gone into overdrive!
Hexagon patchwork, otherwise know as
"Grandmothers Garden"
This is a childs chair

"To Every Season........."
stitched and pulled thread work
the front piece is a Chestnut

This display was called
"The Button Box"

part of the Jurassic display

Greenhouse and Garden
The Pearls of Wisdom display
"Gardeners World"

These diamond shapes were no more than 2" long

this piece was just amazing!
Each square no more than a inch pieced together in shades
of brown, and if you looked at it from another direction it just
looked like a quilt in shades of brown.
There were loads of other stalls of different things too.
There will be another craft fair in Exeter in January I shall be there either
helping Janice or visiting with a friend.
That is the Craft4Crafters let me know if you will be able to visit.
I will try and meet up!
fair 28th to 30th January 2010


  1. Hi Julie,

    Looks like a fabulous event to be part of! Sadly I am too far away to get down there to visit :-( I hope you and your friend enjoy yourselves though!

    Have a great weekend :-)

    Rose XXX

  2. Hello Julie

    Just the kind of event I like to visit. It must have been great to be there. There is one in Shepton Mallet, Somerset which I sometimes go to.
    Lovely to be able to see what was there via your photos.
    Have a great weekend!
    Isabelle x

  3. I was there on Thursday.. what a shame I didn't know that you were there too... we could have said 'Hello' in person.
    It was a great show and the showcases were awesome!
    Hope your friends have done well

    Love Yvonne xx

  4. How good to have been able to make work for your friends' display - you must feel proud.
    The work by Isabel Elliott is very inspiring - I especially love the Jurassic display an the greenhouse and garden. One day I shall have time for such detailed pursuits, but now is not my time.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely works.

  5. Your work is wonderful! I bet it was great to be part of the show.

  6. Hello Julie, thank you for leaving me a comment, yes you can join my PIF, :), it's a pleasure, am I in yours?, lol, just asking..., well you're an artist in cross stitch it's one of my fave hobbies, I love to make crafts in general

  7. oh it looks lovely, i went to one in manchester and spent far too much!! ive been thinking about doing a hexagon patchwork for a while now. love the cross stitch you did for the stall. fliss xx


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