Thursday, 17 September 2009


.........wouldn't anybody else like to join me in the Pay it forward

1) Sign up to receive a gift
2) When you have received your gift you send out a handmade gift to three other people who would like to accept a handmade gift and in turn they do the same and so it continues..............
3) You need to mention the Pay it Forward on your blog and invite 3 other people to join in.
4) There are 365 days in which to send your gift but I would suggest that it is done sooner rather than later in case it gets forgotten about.


  1. julie
    I have joined to another pay it forward, but let me know how your one goes, and I could join if you don't get the 3 people
    I will post a link in my blog to help you with your search

  2. Hello! Hope to be able to post your PIF parcel next week!
    As Vivi do,I can put a link to your blog on my sidebar!

  3. hi julie!
    I already did!
    don't think your blog is boring at all, you take wonderful pictures, and tell us about your garden, which is like a dream for many people; I have a balcony and a "patio", but take the most of them
    perhaps you should comment more frecuently in others blogs, so people will come to visit you
    nice weekend

  4. Hi Julie!
    Please remember to take your award!
    When you have time, could you please e-mail me a list of your favourite things (for my PIF)?
    Thank you! xxx

  5. Hello Julie, I guess you need three people to have your PIF, lol. I have a PIF on my blog as well, please go there if you like to join in.


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