Tuesday, 29 September 2009

This and That!

While I was getting my washing in from the line one evening,

I saw this speeding across the garden

It is an Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar

Apparently it will turn into one of these


Some of my latest half price flowers from Tescos



Chrysanthemum (single stalk)

Chrysanthemum (multi heads on one stalk)

Chrysanthemums (more multi heads on on stalk)


Handmade Flowers

These can be found here

I only need one more person for the Pass it Forward,

would you like to join in?

Thank you Teena

Thank you Arlette


  1. Hi Julie!
    Your corsages are beautiful! As well as your fresh flowers! Chrysanthemum are so cheerful but here they are considered as flowers for dead people.
    Glad you've found some takers for your PIF!

  2. Hi Julie,

    The flowers are pretty - don't let that moth near them, I reckon it could eat the lot! lol

    I am already involved in a PIF I'm afraid, I hope oyu can find a taker soon!

    Rose XXX

  3. You're welcome Julie :)!!!, this is my email: arlettelk@gmail.com, I'll be waiting to hear from you. Oh!, I'm not hosting any giveaway right now, if I do one sometime, I'll let you know...

  4. Hi Julie
    How funny, your post has given me the answer to what Miss P and I were looking for. Last night we spotted that caterpillar, it was huge. When she returns from school this afternoon, I shall show her your post. Beautiful moth!
    Isabelle x

  5. Hi Julie, my son would love to get his hands on that caterpillar and keep it in a fish tank in his bedroom! We don’t have a Tesco in Guernsey but I wish we did. I became used to their huge selection of products on a recent holiday to the Isle of Man and so cheap. Thanks for paying me a visit; it sometimes feels like I’m just waffling to the wind :)

  6. The caterpillar is gorgeous! I would love to see one in my garden. The flowers and corsages are lovely.x

  7. Hi Julie, I'll take part in your pass-it-forward :)

  8. Lovely flowers, fresh & crocheted.
    That catterpiller is huge!! hope he turns in to a pretty butterfly for you.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  9. Beautiful flowers and the little crocheted flowers are precious! Love your blog!


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