Monday, 26 May 2008

Cold,Wet, Windy & 'Orrible!

May Bank Holiday Monday - they said it was going to rain, come on! It's like a tempest without the thunder and lightening out there. Now the are saying the temperature is going up tomorrow! The week-end in the house hasn't been too great either. Nothing at all serious, just annoying nagging things.
1) Flowers which were free from Tescos because they sent me a voucher for Spray Carnations worth 99p - yippee someone buying me flowers.......well after twenty four hours they just collapsed over the edge of the vase looking like they are on their last stalks! I checked there was water in the vase - yes there was, the 'display till' date was 27th May, I can usually get at least three weeks out of my flowers by changing the water regularly and trimming the stalks.
2) The Top-Up Freeview box has frozen, we have tried turning the box on off a few times at the mains but that did not work, all I did was to record a programme about would you believe "Midsomer Murders" well perhaps the box has been murdered, you never know.......a post mortem may be needed by means of ringing up their helpline. The programmes I have recorded to watch when I am in the house on my own may now have to be lost forever and we will have to start again this will be the second time in doing this, the programmes which were downloaded by the Top-UP people some we scrap and some we watch now have to be watched one after the other because we are following a couple of series
3) The computer is taking-on-a-life-of-its-own. It has decided to tell us in no-uncertain terms the C-drive is overloaded, and we seem to be getting adverts popping up here, there and everywhere don't know why, we have upgraded the 'virus checker'. And the keyboard is playing-up, I press the keys and nothing happens on the screen and when it does half the letters are missing, it just like using and ancient "Remington Typewriter", I used to have one and the keys did just the same thing. Very frustrating!
I wonder what will happen next...........
Never mind back to work tomorrow!

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