Sunday, 25 May 2008

Bread & Butter Pudding

Today is a wet and dreary Bank Holiday Sunday! It is very cold and damp!


I make Bread and Butter Pudding with Apple.


Slices of Bread spread with butter

Apples (can be eating or cooking or combination of both) Peeled and Sliced


3 Eggs



Put couple of slices of buttered bread into the bottom of a heat proof dish. *Sprinkle with a handful of Raisins, few slices of Apples and a desert spoonful of Sugar cover with slices of Bread* and repeat from * to * once more.

Break three Eggs into a measuring jug and beat, the pour in Milk to the 1Pint level (1/2 litre) then beat together and pour over Bread etc. Sprinkle with Sugar and wait for about half hour minimum.

Then put into the oven for about one hour on 180 degrees gas 4

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