Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Craft, crafting...........APPARENTLY I Don't!

I am beginning to wonder about what I do do?
I have been questioning myself for about six months now and haven't really been able to make anything purposeful because of an email I received at the end of last year.
The email read -  “You are not a crafter”
I can still see these words on the screen and now they are still spinning round in my head I cannot get rid of them - help me..........

Crafter, crafting.
What is a crafter?
What is crafting?
Does a crafter make one one-off item or does a  crafter makes lots of the same item?
If so how many items before it becomes a mass production?

I can KNIT!

I make jumpers

Tea Cozies

Photo courtesy of Helen at Bustle and Sew
Even Seagulls!


I was chucked out of school needlework classes many times between the ages of eleven and sixteen because I was suppose to be making a dress, I sneaked my embroidery into class.  I got my own back and bought a dress pattern with an embroidered detail, and guess what I was persuaded not to do the embroidery because I wouldn't finish the dress before the end of term and the marks were counted for the exams.  I managed to get rid of these horrible memories a long time ago, but they came flooding with other horrible memories of school when I was told I didn't Craft.

I make small items

I make large items.
Its a double quilt with cross-stitch panels in case you were wondering, goes on our bed every winter!  (It was too big to hang on the line the other way so I turned the photo round!)

So please SOMEONE, please tell me if I craft or not.  Make these words go away.  I am getting quite distraught about it.

I use to actually get paid for cross stitching not so long ago.  I worked for a few private people to test their patterns like http://www.countyneedlecraft.com I stitched most of the cottages and quite a few of the celtic designs

I even stitched this for Jan Eaton

This sampler is now free to download now.

So please tell me do I craft?
Yes or No?


  1. From one crafter to another Julie..........you are definitely a crafter, and a good one at that. Cruel comments such as these are usually made by people who are jealous of your skills.......don't let them put doubt in your head or deter you from what you enjoy doing and are obviously good at.......sometimes we have to grow a thick skin in this world of blog.

    My advice is to forget you ever read such a comment and carry on crafting.
    Kim xx

  2. Julie I just found this blog post about defining a crafter and it may be of interest to you.http://www.madincrafts.com/2012/08/whats-crafter.html
    I have not read all of it but had a quick glance through. I don't think you should worry about the comment. Maybe it was meant as a compliment as some people think crafting just means sticking bits of paper and glue together. Not only ARE you a crafter Julie, but a multi-talented one too!!! x

  3. oh my goodness this is just the sort of thing that makes me so angry and i rarely get angry...how dare she judge you.....dont you dare listen, or even think about the nasty comment, you certainly look like a crafter to me, and what is this whole label thing any hows...I could go on and on. Lovely Julie, you are a crafter, and a lovely person to boot, you carry on with your making, if it makes you happy which it clearly does, you are so very talented as i could not even begin to knit a pattern, and to embroider so beautifully. Delete the comment, both from your computer and your mind, always there will be people like this in the world, who just like to make people feel bad, shame on them, i say...xx
    love Sophie xx

    1. Deleted from the computer, but still in my mind.

    2. Julie I think that they may have some kind of problem, its a really odd thing to say ...please don't let it worry you...I Messed up in sewing class too, but you learn and my Mum taught me ...much better than some grumpy sewing teacher...
      Friends are far more important than fruitcakes... so listen to all the lovely comments xx

  4. Yes, you are a crafter and in multiple mediums at that. Don't let a nasty comment get you down.

  5. Whoever said that Julie.... Give me their names and I'll sort them out....Of course you are a crafter. What is the matter with people...If you can't say a kind word then don't say anything, that's what my Mum would say.
    You carry on CRAFTING and to hell with anyone's comment..

  6. Oh, you poor thing, some people can be so horrid, it's such a shame that it's taken your confidence away, I'm sure I'd feel the same.... but you can and do craft, there is no doubt about that,

  7. Nasty people are all about us, looking for people to bring down. That's a hurtful comment delivered to upset you and it's worked. Dont let them get to you, you are a brilliant crafter. Imagine that comment is a knotty ball of wool, start unravelling it and turn it into something beautiful.

  8. Julie people can be so cruel but please don't listen to them, I know it's hard as there is that little seed of doubt but don't let it grow as I and all those that have left you a comment have said your are a crafter and a very talented one at that. I can imagine that the things you have shown us in this post are just a very small amount of the things you have made and will contain to make as you have a wonderful gift to share. As for your sewing teacher, who wants to follow the crowd put that one down to a regimented course and now you are free to add your own stamp to all you make. Keep your chin up lovely lady we are all here to keep you smiling too xx

  9. Julie - this really worries me. Why are you bothered by some anonymous or unknown comment and apparent judgement on your work? Now if the Nobel Prize for Craft Committee had coughed and said ahem Ms KC that's not up to our usual standard please desist, well even then I'd have told them to go fish.

    I don't know what the dictionary definition of a 'crafter' is. I don't care. It certainly isn't laid down in International Law. There's some who would argue about 'Art' or 'Craft' but that's academic or elitist and not worth the effort.

    You DON'T have to justify yourself or your work, full stop. So please stop doing so and continue making lovely things beautifully, as you clearly do. Cx

  10. You certainly ARE a crafter! If all you do is not classed as crafting then this person must have a strange idea of 'crafting'! Try to dismiss it from your mind, all of the above bloggers and little old me know different, this person is one and we are many! x

  11. Oh my goodness, you ARE a crafter, a very talented one with many capabilities. It makes me so cross when people say things purely to cause hurt, it's beyond me and you're 100 times that sort of person. Hugs :) xx

  12. Hey Julie, that's just silly. Don't listen to such drivel and anyhow you shouldn't need a label. just get on with your handwork and forget it.

  13. Ooh yes, you are absolutely a crafter Julie and a very talented one too!...Keep doing what makes you happy and don't let anyone spoil it...you make such beautiful things (and you know how much I love your stitching!)
    Happy Wednesday,
    Susan x

  14. Oh Poppycock, delete it, forget it, ignore it and carry on your beautiful CRAFTING. Although maybe they were telling you that you are not a crafter you are an artist! as every thing you do is a little work of art.

  15. Funny how this b**ch chose to make the comment via email - bet she wouldn't be brave enough to make it to your face. People think that blogs/internet gives them insight to other peoples lives and the right to make comment and judge - something I think reality TV and press invite us to do on a daily basis.
    Anyhoo. Whoever it was was talking crap. I tell you if I could craft half as well as you do in one of the things you do, let alone all the different things you can do, I'd be shouting from the rooftops and the smuggest smug person out there. You are most definitely a crafter and must put this cow and her nastiness behind you. I think part of the difficulty is that true crafters/artists care about their work - it's easy to say "I'm a teacher/accountant/whatever" because you can have the certificate to prove it, and without that external verification it's can be tough to shrug off a comment like that. But you should!

  16. If you're not a crafter, I'll eat my hat!

  17. Dear Julie So sorry you had a mean email, please try to forget about it and keep on enjoying your lovely crafting. Because of course you are a crafter!
    Loved seeing the things you've made in this post :)
    Helen x

  18. Sorry I missed this post, Julie. Sadly, this sort of thing seems to be on the increase, so called "trolls" leaving nasty comments. Some folk have recently been on the receiving end of this on Instagram. It's easy to dismiss these sorts of comments but the reality is that if you are a caring, feeling sort of person, they hurt, now matter how ridiculous and untrue the words that are said. All that everyone has said above is so true, you make lovely items and have many skills of which so many are now sadly forgotten and of which you should rightly be very proud People who make this sort of comment are usually feeling bad about themselves and jealously choose to take it out on others. I can understand you being upset but I do hope you move on from it and keep making. I'm sure you will. Xxx

  19. I am so sorry you've had this experience Julie. An email like that is a comment on the sender not the recipient. Hopefully all the positive comments here have convinced you you are, of course, a true crafter. Hugs x


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