Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sell By Dates...............a new idea?

We love looking at old advertising.  Alex spotted this advert! 
Cannot see the date.......but the Radio Pictorial magazine was dated 31 May 1935!
(click on picture to enlarge)

The young lad hanging out of the train carriage is Hughie Green. 
He was featured in the ITV1 "The Talent Show Story" last Saturday.


  1. You can tell its Hughie Green can't you?! I fancy a Mars bar right now!x

  2. Oh I could eat a mars bar too, better not, not sure it would fit in with my diet syns!

  3. Hughie didn't change at all did he

  4. Oh I yearn for the days when I could eat one of these (they were bigger then) and not worry about weight-gain; I could just run it off. I am not sure I actually like them now and have to stop when running as I am not designed for it any more.

    It is surprising to see Hughie start out so young. I only remember him as an older guy.

  5. Don't get me started about chocolate bars. lol. Especially mars bars and penquins.
    I know I'm going back now, but I remember picking the chocolate of off the top of the mars bars and eating that first as it was soooooo thick, likewise the penquin.
    Choccy bars are so meazly now compared to when I was young.
    Sorry to go back but I've started doing it lately, does this mean I'm old ???


  6. I used to prefer Aztec bars, does anyone remember them?


  7. Those are sweet our advertising isn't a patch on the ones of old. Thanks for your email i will reply over the weekend i haven't been near the pc all week just trying to catch up with everything now. dee xxx

  8. I only like Mars Bars from the fridge and sliced, fussy or what :)

    Re rugs how do you make a rag rug with no back ?
    Cate x

  9. Blimey, Hughie Green: now that does take me back!

  10. Hughie Green, he's a blast from the past for me too xxx

  11. I love the nostalgia attached to old adverts.Love Mars bars cut up in little slices ,cold from the fridge too ;) lots of lovexxx

  12. These old adverts are so wonderful...I could spend hours looking at them!...
    Hope you have a wonderful week,
    Susan x

  13. I too love looking at old adverts they are fascinating!
    Enjoy your week...keep cosy!
    Helen x


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