Sunday, 4 September 2011

We did it!

We finally did it!

You at the back there stop sniggering

We went to the cinema and watched a 3D movie.
We bought our tickets and glasses and sat and enjoyed

The last installment of the Harry Potter story
Oh wow!  Would we do it again........?  We certainly would!
I won't spoil it in case there are some of you out there who still haven't seen it yet, but some of the scenes came out into the auditorium.  We were very impressed!


  1. I don't have binocular vision, one eye is so much stronger the brain ignores the other one, so 3-D is wasted on me, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. awww that sounds wonderful...well done you ;-)) Have a great week, dee xxx

  3. So glad you didn't say the ending, not seen it yet! But it sounds like quite an amazing experience, pretty spooky I expect at times :) Have a good week, Catherine x


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