Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I have decided to downsize my brooch collection
If you would like to see them please go here


  1. Oh pretty... some of them remind me of the brooch Bobbie gets for her birthday in The Railway Children... Hmm, I think I watch that film too much!

  2. Hi Julie,
    That's a lovely collection. I've been making bags this week and adding a vintage brooch to each, it's a challenge to find them at a reasonable price nowadays as I'm sure you know. The hardest thing though is that I just don't want to part with most of them! Some are most definitely keepers.
    Super to hear you have a collection of 78s. That will be the other half's new collecting hobby, no doubt.
    Hen x

  3. Hello Julie,

    You've won my giveaway over at The Pea Pod but for some reason my email won't accept your mail address. Could you email your postal address to me please?

    Lizzie x

  4. lovely pretty brooches. Such lovely colours. Remind me of summer the pastel ones x

  5. Pretty brooches ... :0)

  6. such pretties ;0)
    treasures are hard to part with...
    i saw a little ceramic vase posy just like the flower brooches in the charity shop, but im trying to save pennys at mo for christmas- so limiting my charity shop budget hehe ;0)x


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