Thursday 26 August 2010

Interesting weather for August!

Outside my back door

Outside the front door

The rain brings out all sorts of creatures
Can you see the tiny snail just about to fall off the leaf.
The caterpiller was less than two inches long!

This snail I think wanted to come inside!
He was climbing up the front window.

The reuslts of watering the hanging basket everyday
I eat two between gathering them and photographing them!


Quick Chicken Pie

can Condensed Mushroom Soup
Just Rol puff pastry (I always buy puff pastry!)
Cooked Chicken
Mushrooms thinly sliced or quatered

Roll out enough pastry for base and top
Line a dish/tin with pastry
(I use the lids to my casseroles to make pies)
Put in chicken, mushroom and soup
Put the top pastry on

cook until golden brown at 180 degrees centigrade

Last Saturday we went here there was a craft fair on and we also went to the museum

Whilst there purchased these


  1. That recipe sounds easy and delicious - must try it out sometime. Loved your wet pictures and the little snail etc!


  2. My garden looks like that. My runner beans have been blown over so I'll have to dig them up :(
    The pie looks lovely x

  3. I love all the trees around you.. I adore trees! Every time I go to pick some tomatoes, I always end up eating some on the way back to the kitchen! Yum, that pie looks good, must try that one, I happen to have a tin of condensed mushroom soup in the cupboard, but no chicken though! Will do soon though!! Your finds are lovely! Have a happy weekend! Susie xxxx

  4. It's been very rainy here too and I'm gutted because I can't wear my summer shoes and have taken to wearing boots because of the weather. Your chicken pie looks very tasty by the way - I love a good pie, and I used the have a copy of the Naughtiest Girl book by Enid Blyton exactly like yours!


  5. I wish I could pack some hot sticky weather and send it to you!

  6. We'll be in England in a couple of weeks and i can't wait for the cooler, damp weather! We've had over 80 days of 90+ degree weather and humid!

  7. Hi Julie, Your toms are better than the offering I have here in the north. We haven't had any good summers for what seems decades. Reckon I'll stick to buying my toms from the supermarket in future. Thanks for calling by the patch. The pattern you mentioned should be quoted in £ sterling on Etsy but they only accept dollars. The the price is £3.27 (according to Etsy calculations)


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