Thursday, 2 September 2010

Tea Cosy Covers

Have you ever wonder about these Tea Cosy Covers.........? Too thin to keep the tea warm, about as useful as a chocolate teapot............!!!!!
Well the Victorians are to blame. They covered everything from tables and piano legs to well.....tea cosies!
They made a padded plain cosy for the warmth from old blankets or eiderdowns, and had various covers, so if the cover got dirty or stained they were able to wash them, I think it is a clever idea, one cosy lots of covers. Sometimes the china, tea cloth and napkins would all match.

The tea cosy was probably invented by the Duchess of Bedford who invented afternoon tea, because there was a long time between lunch and dinner. Friends were invited for afternoon tea chatted the tea in the pot would get cold.
You will find these tea cosies here with a few other vintage linens.


  1. That is very interesting Julie to have a cosy for a cosy!!! Did you get my email by the way? I sent you an email to thank you for the copy you recently sent me. It is great. Thank you so much. x

  2. They are very pretty aren't they?


  3. Very pretty, I've been knitting tea cosies for the last few weeks :) x

  4. I'm a fan of these embroidered tea cosies, I have a really pretty crinoline lady one on display in my kitchen. I never knew how they came about, so thanks for that!

  5. I've discovered them thanks to Blogland! Pretty items in your shop! I guess that if you put more vintage items you will sell more, good luck!

  6. Interesting post.
    They're very pretty despite their lack of usefulness.

  7. I love the cosy on the left. They were perhaps used more for decorative purposes.

  8. they are absolutely lovely..!
    last year I have been in a craft fair for december, and someone asked me for tea cosies.. I have never done any, but will have to for the next fair, just in case.. but they will be done in patchwork
    hope you're fine =)

  9. Hi Julie, I have given you a mention and a back link on my blog today. SueXXX

  10. I love them. Someone has a spent many hours creating those beauties. I expect they'd be surprised to see them still being admired.


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