Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Home Grown Vegetables when I get a chance to grown any!
This slimey lot party every night in my garden!

They always leave a trail behind themselves
of the slimey kind so I know where they have been!


  1. hi, kc! i'm vivi from argentina, i found today your blog, and read for a while
    i hate those bugs, i used to seek them with lanterns at night with my daughter, here we put some beer in flat plates (may be a jam top), they say that slugs can smell the beer, can't resist the smelling, and die inside because they drown
    hope this is useful, i tried to write it the best i could, though english is a language i love, i'm not a native speaker sorry!
    come and visit my blog! love, vivi

  2. Thank you for looking at my blog
    Your english is excellent!
    Thank you for the tip for the slugs.


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