Thursday 3 July 2008

The sky over Hankridge - Taunton this afternoon about 2pm

Today we thought we would go and see the film "Indiana Jones"! Well that as the intention! We arrived at the cinema to find the doors locked, and saw that the time of the film was 4.30pm, the time we arrived at the cinema was just after mid-day! We took ourselves off for lunch at Pizza Hut and we also looked in the five stores over at Hankridge, then decided to go to Sainsburys for another cup of tea and decided we would go an see another film as we there "Hancock" with Will Smith. Although I like action movies, this film had quite a bit of action, a bit of violence (didn't like that but I suppose it was integral to the film) and was very loud because this particular cinema was one of the very small ones in the complex!

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