Monday, 31 December 2007

End of the Old...............

31st December, 2007! The decorations are being taken down to start the new year afresh, a normal practice in our house, usually this is done on 1st January but we are going out tomorrow! This year the lights (brand new LED sort) nearly worked! I was not impressed with the only one hour of the pretty lights glowing daily - next year back to the old fashioned bulb sort!
I hear you cry.........but.........this is New Years Eve! I must be getting old, I'll be in bed by ten and asleep, I'm not a party person. It'll be next year tomorrow and another day! I have lots of plans though to Knit, Embroider, design Cross Stitch. Oh dear! The brain is working faster than the fingers. I also plan to take a photo everyday. That is if I can get that task sussed without help from anyone - I'll keep you posted on that one (well you will see anyway as time goes on). The photo taking is the easy bit (she thinks), its getting the picture from the camera to the blog.........


  1. Well done you! I am impressed! Will be interesting to see if you can post a photo everyday - seems like an easy enough task, but then there will days you won't feel like doing it - oooh a bit of "Bah Humbug" appearing - sorry! Perhaps I will have a bash and see who can keep it going the longest - no! perhaps loosing weight and cutting down on the booze will be enough to cope with as New Year resolutions (Ha!).
    You probably won't read this until next year, so wishing you both a Happy New Year!

  2. Clock seems a bit wrong - I am typing this at 11.30pm - waiting to go to bed! Nite.


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