Sunday 7 June 2015

Boot Fair

The boot fair yesterday at Blue Anchor.  The field was full with sellers and loads of people looked.  Although after the pitch fee we made exactly £32, not sure how though because people picked up what they liked, asked the price, I said £1, most things we were selling were a £1 they put it down again and walked  away.  What do they want these days FREEBIES?


  1. Lovely spot, I hope you did not have too much of a breeze.

    1. Quite windy - the sea was across the road

  2. Yes they want free with jam on it! x

  3. Yes they do and deliver it to my house too!! 1 pound is 1.37 euros ...dirt cheap!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  4. Glad that you made some money!
    I bought some Woods Ware plates at a carboot last week, and the seller told me that people even tried to haggle him down over the stuff in the '10p box' that I found the plates in!

  5. My friend does boot sales, she says there are more lookers this year than buyers..... well done on making a profit.


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