Wednesday 20 May 2015

Laburnum Tree 2015

For a couple weeks every year the Laburnum tree is in all its glory

The Laburnum Fairy 
Bees! bees! come to the trees
Where the Lime has hung her treasures;
Come, come, hover and hum;
Come and enjoy your pleasures!
The feast is ready, the guests are bidden;
Under the petals the honey is hidden;
Like pearls shine the drops of sweetness there,
And the scent of the Lime-flowers fills the air.
But soon the blossoms pretty and pale
Will all be gone; and the leaf-like sail
Will bear the little round fruits away;
So bees! bees! come while you may!

Cicely Mary Baker


  1. It's very pretty Julie and a great poem to match! x

  2. Lovely poem. Our neighbour has a laburnum, its lovely to see the yellow blooms in early spring.

  3. I love that poem and I love the hum of bees around a laburnum.

  4. Beautiful the poem x
    Happy Sunday!
    Susan x

  5. Stunning I love laburnum trees.


  6. Lovely Julie - and such a beautifully shaped tree.
    Enjoy your gardening,
    Niki x

  7. I love Cicely Mary Barker and Laburnum so this post was perfect for me. xx


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