Tuesday, 30 September 2014

It comes to something......................

................when you're caught chatting to a Robin whilst keeping the weeds at bay .  We had a lovely chat!  Didn't do much weeding only about ten minutes was all I could muster (read previous post).  You be surprised how much the neck is used in any movement! 
I do know when to stop, but if I don't make myself do something I will be come quite lazy!  Whilst my neck was really bad I was watching re-runs of Lovejoy and Bergerac, even that can become boring!


  1. Lovely photo, hope you are feeling better soon, and enjoy the enforced rest.

  2. Hi Robin - there, you are not alone!

  3. Lovely robin.....I love it when the one in our garden follows when I pull out the weeds! Nothing wrong with talking to them either!
    Hope your neck continues to improve, Julie.
    Helen xox

  4. So glad your neck is getting better Julie, there's nothing worse. As you say it affects every thing you do and the more you try to relax it the more it seems to stiffen up. lets hope you're on the mend now.
    Love the little Robin.

  5. I once had an op on my back (nothing serious) and spent weeks and weeks on my front watching TV, it was very boring.
    Nice to have a chat with a Robin though.

  6. I would rather chat with a robin than watch re-runs of anything! Hope that your neck is getting better. x

  7. Robins were my favourite bird as a child and my aunt has a really friendly one in her garden; such cheery little birds

    Hope your neck is getting better; neck pain is really debilitating and as you say, it's surprising how much you use your neck in every day life


  8. I do sympathise. I have arthritis in mine, which affects my shoulder, and along with an old injury is why I'm currently forbidden from knitting. I might just try a few stitches later though, just to see if it still hurts!

    I talk to robins in the garden too x


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