Tuesday, 22 July 2014

B is for................

Think a Gate Keeper Butterfly but please correct me if I'm wrong

Elderberries, I leave these for the birds, but next year I might make something with the flowers, but then I say that every year so watch this space

Hope they get fatter, then I will make pies and crumbles and jam

Oh look the first ripe one and its only July!

My bay tree was one twig in a pot and cost me ten pence because the sell-by date was up and that was when Somerfilelds went broke and was sold to Co-op a while ago now, at least  twelve years ago if not more!

Now it has a something nasty going on on lots of leaves, so it will have to be cut back this year

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  1. Beautiful butterfly, one landed on me yesterday and took m by surprise in the garden, that was a peacock.
    Poor bay tree, looks like and aphid attack.

  2. You could make syrup with the elderberries if you have plenty to share with the birds it's very high in Vit C and good for colds. I also picked a couple of ripe blackberries a week or so back - couldn't believe they were ready so early!

  3. That bay tree is magnificent! Why don't you take some cuttings? I don't know what your butterfly is but I have had loads of brown and cabbage white butterflies in my garden this week. The caterpillars are eating everything in sight!!! x

  4. I just cant wait for the blackberries, yummy crumbles to look forward too, and from the look of things we should get some a bit earlier this year.


  5. We had butterflies flitting about our garden this morning. I've just looked up gatekeeper butterfly and the pictures look like yours. My blackcurrant bushes are full to overflowing and I don't know what I shall make with them. My bay keeps growing large and we give it a haircut every so often just to keep it in check.
    Love from Mum

  6. We had a butterfly in the office on Friday.. I'm proud to say I rescued it and it flew off happily outside in to the sunshine!


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