Saturday, 28 June 2014

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I live with a vintage wireless enthusiast.  Wireless is completely the wrong word, because you have to plug it in!  So Radio enthusiast!  I thought I would have a guest writer - my husband!

Hi from the Husband. I have had a lifelong fondness for Ekco radios as my first job when leaving school in 1962 was on the assembly lines at their Southend-on-Sea factory. Rumours that this ultimately led to the closure of said factory in 1966, remain unsubstantiated! You can imagine however how good for quality control it was to have a line of workers comprised mostly of 15 year olds straight from School!
Ekco in its heyday of the 1930's was one of the major players in the manufacture and sale of Radio Sets and now commands some of the highest prices in the collecting field for its "round " or circular sets, the perennial favourite being the A22 of 1946 costing you around £700 for a nice example.

Read more about EKCO here

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  1. Hi, husband, do you have a collection of radios? The circular one is very unusual. I hope it's fixed firmly to the base.
    Love from Mum

  2. Hello Julie's husband! I have never seen a round radio and think it looks quite stylish! To think that people used to sit around the 'wireless' years ago as we do now with the television.


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