Monday, 18 July 2011

Our Weekend

On Saturday we went to Exeter, I wanted to go to here
We had lunch in the Cathedral cafe, very nice it was too. 

More images cathedral here
When we returned home there was a parcel waiting for me from Sue

I hung the pretty bunting up at my kitchen window, got the idea from Hen

Picked the only Sweet pea that flowered

Made some cakes, the recipe can be found here
The Butter Icing is 3ozs Butter - 5ozs Icing Sugar and a few drops of Lemon Juice to taste ( I used a fresh Lemon because that is all I had!) Beat all together and spread onto cakes, add sprinkles if you wish.

We have a Triffid growing in the kitchen!
A friend gave me a lettuce the other day complete with root, last time she gave me a lettuce I tore the root off and just put it in the fridge needless to say the lettuce went limp no better description really manky!  So I decided to put this lettuce in a vase of water, as you can see it is trying to take over the kitchen!  By-the-way the lettuce actually look like that, I think it is a 'Ruby Lettuce'.

My Day Lily in the rain


  1. Takes me back to my late teens when I left home to go to the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital to train as a radiographer (No I didn't complete the course!) and I lived in Exeter. I there still a great pasty shop near the cathedral close I wonder?

    Do eat your lettuce before it goes too tall as it will be bitter if you let it go to seed! Must check out the recipes soon.

  2. i really love exeter ;0)
    looks like a lovely weekend.
    awww bless the lettuce ;0)my lettuces were all eaten by slugs, bad year for veg- now growing tom plants in my window- have six huge ones! woo!
    (still green tho)
    i had 6 lovely sweet pea some pinky purple and 2 deep purple.
    Love the bunting ;0) x

  3. It looks like a lovely day out. It has rained here four days on the trot!

  4. I love Exeter it is one of my favoutite places and i am always taking myself off there they have fab vintage shops. You have just reminded me about my last visit i was going to blog about i must do that. That lettuce looks huge ;-)) And your cakes look yummy. enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  5. Lovely to bump into you! I think Exeter is my second home,I do love the city! ;-) xxx

  6. Sad you only have 1 sweet pea, ours are doing really well this year

  7. How weird that lettuce! never seen something like that!
    The bunting looks great!


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