Sunday 2 January 2011

Normal Service Resumed!

This morning I did my favourite job I don't think!
The ironing!
Can't remember when I last did a mountain of ironing,
I've ironed on a need to do it basis, few items per day!

Whilst listening on this vintage Cossor Radio to "String of Pearls" on BBC Radio Wales
( It's the music that used to be heard on radios like this all the time)
I bet some of you have wondered what has happened to the rug

well after being abandoned for nearly a week in the shed,
we retrieved it by which time the snow had melted.
It wasn't dry, but dry enough to re-lay it
where it had always been in the lounge
and as long as we didn't walk on it barefooted it was OK.
It was cold, but smelt fresh. (not that I got that close to it but
I'm sure you will understand what I mean!)
After taking the decorations down yesterday,
this morning I had a good dust and hoover.
YES! It is noticeably clean to us and looks fresh.
So yes it did work!


  1. The snow really did work! The carpet looks so lovely and fresh. Just to let you know, I wore the corsage on Christmas day. It looked just right with my new dress and cardi! Thank you so much. x

  2. I got up early and de - Christmassed the house!
    I like to get back to my mundane routine!!
    I have also put your corsage onto my new coat...looks lovely! ;-)x

  3. i was going to say the same as simone- it was beautiful!!!!
    love the ornaments in your cabinet- are they dolls? what a spotless lovely rug ;0)x

    happy new years x

  4. who would have thought that it would work, the rug looks great....
    I love the old radio, what happens when we go digital, will you still be able to use it?

  5. When my daughter was small she would outgrow clothes before they came out of the ironing.LOL

  6. Happy new year julie, love ur radio! Xxx

  7. Oooh lovely radio and the programme sounds interesting too. The rug has turned out well hasn't it? I like the before/after photos.

  8. Hi Thanks for your info on my 'half doll' on my blog.
    Now I know what to call it !
    Best wishes to you
    Sue x


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