Sunday, 29 March 2009

Rocky Road

This is my version...........

400grms Milk Chocolate ~ Melt in a basin over hot water

Do not allow the water to splash into the chocolate

and be careful of the hot water

(the only exact measurement - because it is pre-weighed!)

Add about a third of a packet of
broken very plain sweet biscuits

(I use Rich Tea) Add a few Marshmallow Sweets

Do not let them melt too much

(cut smaller if too large)

Few Cranberries and Blueberries
(Use any dried fruit - I find these just take the sweetness away)

Few Glace Cherries

(chop or leave whole)

Line a loaf tin with a cake liner or Cling Film

Tip the mixture into loaf tin and put into the

refridgerator until cooled


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  1. A wonderful quick and easy recipe! I like the idea of adding dried blueberries and cranberries as the sharpness will take some of the edge off the sweetness!


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