Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Knitting Circles!

Ever since I could remember and could hold a pair of knitting needles I have always wanted to knit circles - why - I don't know............... I think it was because it was a challenge for me. I found knitting on four needles too much of a challenge, either the needle would fall out of the stitches or it would twist before I managed to even start! A couple of years ago I was told how to knit socks by Jan on two circular needles and I thought then, I couldn't see why I couldn't knit circles this way...........this afternoon I discovered it could be done! I started with eight stitches and put four on one set of needles and four on the other............and proceeded as if knitting socks but following and circular lace pattern increasing stitches as and when! The only draw back is that stitches may have to be shuffled around, but after speaking to Jan she said change to one long needle. I will have to purchase one tomorrow to finish this project! But I have managed to achieve what I set out to do many moons ago and I am very pleased with myself!

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  1. Wow! That looks seriously impressive. Lucky you having been able to knit for ages. I start my knitting and crochet course next week so I have rather a lot of catching up to do! I'm feeling a tad apprehensive, I was much better at picking things up when I was younger, my brain nowadays is full of of cake stands and flowery embroideries!
    Hen x


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