Thursday, 30 May 2013

My Email has gone down...........

SORRY to who needs emails answering.  We use Talktalk and receive through Outlook express, they have had an argument and talktalk are trying get them to make friends again.  They have been trying since Tuesday afternoon!   Anyway sorry I cannot remember your name, but you had some vintage magazine, yes please I am interested

This darling little birdie has been singing outside my bedroom window since 2.30 this morning!  (I know it was then, I went to the loo then)  Won't tell you what I said at 6.30am!  It wasn't very ladylike!!!

My Laburnum tree is in bloom it is so pretty with its acid yellow flowers.

It said on the seed packet sow before 2008.  I just opened the packet and sprinkled thinly a few days back, I have to wait and see, it was a mixed packet of seeds
Seagull lunch party!
I broke up some stale bread and put it in the bird tray, Fatso the Wood Pigeon (our name for the pigeon) sat on the tray and chucked every single piece out, along came the seagulls and eat every scrap.........



  1. Hope your email crisis has resolved itself, Julie. That laburnum is beautiful - a vintage tree if ever there was one. It looks like it should be embroidered on a table cloth x

  2. Your tree looks beautiful and I love the seagull pic.

  3. We have a blackbird singing regularly, although not as early! I so miss the dawn chorus (don't seem to have it here by the sea) that I bought a CD of it. Love the tree and of course the seagull party

  4. Hi Julie, I have heard birds singing really early too.I don't think some of them know its supposed to be dawn when they sing!!

  5. We had to cut our laburnum tree down last week as it was dying. We had grown it from a seed which we planted when I was expecting DS so it was a bit of a wrench having to chop it down. They have a limited lifespan apparently. Your tree looks superb.
    Love from Mum


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