Thursday, 2 May 2013

Lilies Day - 16 and the Sailor's Horse

One of the last heads to open

When you hear the beat of the drum...........

You know the Sailor's Horse is on it way past your house!

We don't live anywhere near the centre of town yet we can hear the drum!


  1. That must be one almighty loud drum Julie, your lilies have lasted well, it's so sad when they start to fade.
    Kim xx

  2. Its a shame so many May Day traditions have fallen by the wayside. The May Day procession of my childhood was something we eagerly looked forward to.

    I saw that beautiful 1942 jumper on your creative blog - its gorgeous! I've so many vintage pattern books and never get round to making anything from them. I must try harder. But so much to do and so little time..... I have at last started clearing last year's (and some of the year before's) debris from my Mum's large garden. Its hard work for one person! Well done you for sorting your patch - its been a slow start this year hasn't it.

    And thank you for all your kind comments on my blog Julie. They are MUCH appreciated.


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